What you probably didn't know about the Axie Infinity Game
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What you probably didn’t know about the Axie Infinity Game

Axie Infinity Game

The Axie Infinity game represents a notable trend in the gaming-finance technology bridge where game players can earn from playing. This gaming model is referred to as the play-to-earn model, and the top game in this category is the Axie Infinity game. This game is based on battles, conquests, and winning to gain virtual pieces of land within the game environment. It involves using monster-looking characters known as the Axies, and the player begins with three of them.

But before we go far, there are specific uncommon terms in use for the Axie Infinity community. And you should be familiar with them going forward. Moreover, this article is about some unusual facts you have probably never heard before about the Axie Infinity game environment. Below are some of them.

Managers and Scholars in Axie Scholarships

Managers and Scholars in Axie Scholarships

There are two fundamental categories of people when it comes to running Axie Infinity on scholarships. By the way, Axie Scholarships is a program that covers players who are willing to begin the game but cannot afford to buy the required three Axies. On the other hand, some people are eager to invest and purchase the axies while the other ready party uses them to play and earn rewards. Then, both parties share the profits that are made. 

  • The Manager. The manager is the actual owner of the axies in the team because he is the one that invests his money to buy the axies. This role is essential to begin the game, especially if the manager is different from the person playing the Axie Infinity.
  • The Scholar. This person is paid to use the axies that the manager buys to play the game and earn rewards. His role is to breed, raise, build and battle with the axies to earn rewards he shares with the manager.

Before the game, both managers and scholars must agree on the rate of sharing the proceeds from the competition. It could be a 60-40 ratio or a 65-35 ratio, which are very common in favor of the scholar. If you calculate this rate, you can determine how long it may take for the manager to regain their invested money or the scholar to gain enough to start his team. After the invested capital is refunded, both parties can now begin to share the profits. 

Axie Infinity News

There is presently much news that says amazing things about Axie Infinity. Three such information can be found on the following platforms

  • Yahoo Finance – a notable article is an article: “Infinity Gamers Spent $6.7M on NFTs over Past Week,” which was published in May 2021. It is almost a year later, and the NFT game has grown in leaps and bounds since then. The exponentially increasing numbers also have shown that the game is getting more acceptable. It is also related to the amount of profit the current game players make. 
  • The Nikkei platform published an article titled, “Southeast Asians jumping on NFT bandwagon to boost incomes.”
  • Inquirer – the third platform where the prominent news about Axie Infinity has been published in the Inquirer, a leading news source in the Philippines. This country is significant because some of the first gamers who profited from Axie Infinity came from there, mainly during the lockdown in 2020. The article Inquirer published was titled, “Axie Infinity – the NFT game sweeping the Philippines.” Click here to read more about nikkei plateform.

Apart from the news sources above, many others published exciting news about the NFT game. And they contributed to the enormous growth of the P2E blockchain game, where players can get both entertainment and monetary reward. Axie Infinity also continues to gain more traction each day while blockchain and NFT technology thrive. Moreover, in the Philippines, Axie Infinity has already been featured in television news.

Qualities of a Good Axie in Axie Infinity

Qualities of a Good Axie in Axie Infinity

The closest template for the axie infinity model game is the Pokemon (if you have played the game before). For instance, the Pokemon in the game possess some unique set of skills that may indicate that the same character can have different skills at different levels. This possibility is the reason why one Pokemon is more valuable than the other

Therefore, the strengths and weaknesses of the Pokemon characters are determined by the type of Pokemon. It is almost the same as Axie. Thre are five different traits that can be found in the Axie character in the game. 

  1. Speed – this trait determines the order of the character that attacks first in combat. It is crucial if you want to win against the game monster and even other axis belonging to other players in a PvP game mode.
  2. Health – the health of the axis refers to the well-being of the Axie, which includes the genetic composition, level of maturity, and strength gained or lost in the course of the game. 
  3. Skill – this skill determines the amount of bonus damage the player can get when using this particular Axie in battle. The overall skill may also determine the potential of the Axie to be successful in combat.
  4. Morale – the moral of an Axie refers to the character’s chance to receive critical hits and remain standing. In other words, if an Axie that is low in morale receives an impact, it may fall and die. On the other hand, an axie with reasonable confidence can withstand attacks and hits. In some cases, the Axie experiences the Last stand, which means that when the axie dies in battle, it may still hold on to its life for a while longer, perhaps a couple of rounds. In the end, it finally says goodbye and dies in battle. Check out: Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain… So what does it all mean?

Critical positions of Axies

There are three central positions that axies can fill during the game, namely

  1. Tanker. The position of a tanker receives the highest level of damage to protect other team members. As a result, the axis in this position must have high health or HP. In addition, they must have the right skills feared towards defense and healing or health recovery.
  2. Damager. The damager is the leading dealer of the group. Their job is to cause damage to the opponents. They usually have a high HP and other related traits, but the primary skills are geared towards the ability to inflict massive damage on the opponents. Visit http://thedarksmithlegacy.com/a-complete-guide-to-understanding-axie-infinity-guild/ to read about a complete guide to understanding Axie Infinity Guild.
  3. Support. As the name sounds, the axies in the support position support the entire team. They seem to provide the required “buffs” to the others just like a healer does. This support may include adding to their health, power, and speed. On the other hand, we may have a debuffer in the team whose job is to slow down the enemies by poisoning them.