Top 7 Bitcoin Play-To-Earn Games In 2022&nbsp
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Top 7 Bitcoin Play-To-Earn Games In 2022 

Bitcoin has been the talk of the town for quite some time now, and lots of people — whether or not they’re tech enthusiasts — have invested in this reasonably new digital currency. It can be pretty scary to venture into since investing in cryptocurrency doesn’t guarantee your money back. But what if we tell you that you can accumulate your first bitcoin by playing crypto games? Many bitcoin play-to-earn games in app stores let you earn bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In this guide, we’re giving you a rundown of the best ones you can download today.

Before getting into the best Bitcoin play-to-earn games, let’s first review what Bitcoin really is. Bitcoin (or BTC) is the first and the most popular type of cryptocurrency. It’s basically digital money, but unlike fiat money, such as the US dollar, it isn’t tied to or regulated by a bank or government. In effect, anyone who uses bitcoin can spend it anonymously, much to the delight of libertarians and tech enthusiasts. Although anonymous, these transactions are still secure; every bitcoin transaction is recorded on a public ledger that everyone has access to, so reversing and faking these transactions would be almost impossible.

Bitcoin isn’t the only cryptocurrency in existence, though. Currently, more than 5,000 cryptocurrencies are available online, including Ethereum, Phoneum, Litecoin, Binance Coin, and Dogecoin. While most businesses don’t accept payment through Bitcoin and other cryptos yet, other big companies such as AT&T, Microsoft, and PayPal have begun to do so. This proves that crypto may very well be the future of money.

7 Best Bitcoin Play To Earn Games

What better way to earn bitcoin than through playing crypto games! Those are free to download; get entertained, and earn a few bucks while you’re at it. So, without further ado, here are some of the best Bitcoin games you can play to earn crypto.

1. CryptoPop


CryptoPop is a Bitcoin play-to-earn game similar to Candy Crush. To play, you have to tap on groups of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Monero, and Ether, to pop them. The more coins you pop in one tap, the more points you earn. Of course, the more points you earn, the more money you get. The goal is to have the fewest coins left on the board. Before you start playing the cryptocurrency-earning game, you’ll need to enter your Coinbase email address in the Wallet section to record your points. 

Currently, CryptoPop offers Ethereum and Popcoin as digital tokens. But in the future, the game will add a handful of other cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Binance Coin, and Dash. When you have enough points, you can claim your payment by going to the Wallet section and tapping on the claim button.

2. Bitcoin Pop

Bitcoin Pop

Another Bitcoin play-to-earn game you should play is Bitcoin Pop. It’s straightforward to play; you only need to shoot the bubble the unicorn holds into the cluster of dots with the same color. The more bubbles you pop in the least number of moves, the more Bling points you get, and the more Bitcoin rewards you earn. However, note that you’ll need a lot of Bling points to earn a significant amount of bitcoin, which is usually the case for these crypto games anyway. For reference, 1,000,000 Bling points only amounts to a measly 0.0001 bitcoin.

To start playing, you only need to sign up for a free Bitcoin Pop account and log in. Then, when you’ve earned enough bitcoin, just enter your Coinbase email address.

3. Bitcoin Bounce

If you want to play a user-friendly Bitcoin play-to-earn game, Bitcoin Bounce is the right one for you. With Bitcoin Bounce, you can play to earn crypto is Bitcoin Bounce. Your goal in this game is pretty simple: go as far as you can by bouncing from one platform to the next without falling. Plus, there are bonuses and power-ups along the way that will help you survive longer and earn more points.

Bitcoin Bounce

As you journey into the abyss, you will find THNDR Tickets. You need to collect these tickets to participate in the game’s daily lotteries, where the real prize is. Every day, the game gives out bitcoins to winners of the lottery. If you have more points and more tickets, you have a better chance of winning, so playing helps.

Bitcoin Bounce pays you through the Lightning Network if you get picked, so make sure you have an external wallet that supports this payment protocol. Some wallets compatible with the Lightning Network are Wallet of Satoshi, ZEBEDEE, Breez, Bitcoin Lightning Wallet, and Blue Wallet.

4. Crypto Planet

Crypto Planet

Crypto Planet is one of the best Bitcoin play-to-earn games available for download. Your main objective is to mine crystals from the planets you visit in this game. To mine crystals, simply activate the digger and leave it for eight hours, and after that time, you’ll be able to claim your crystals. You can use these resources to go to the game’s shop and buy Space Chests, which are what you’ll need to earn real cryptocurrencies. The game offers a wide range of cryptos, including Phoneum, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Of course, the more crystals you mine from planets, the more cryptos you earn at the end of the day.

If you want to earn more crystals faster, you can incubate some and get more after a few hours. You can also join daily quests to harvest more crystals and get more Space Chests.

The cryptos you earn are stored in the in-game wallet. Once you’ve reached the withdrawal limit, you can transfer your earnings to any supported external wallet.

5. Bitcoin Food Fight

Bitcoin Food Fight

Here’s another Bitcoin play-to-earn game that will put your aiming skills to the test. Bitcoin Food Fight isn’t a food fight in the traditional sense of the word. It’s a game where you basically fight the food; you throw knives at pizzas, peaches, pancakes, and other food items until they fall apart. The challenge here is to aim for the space between the blades that are already stuck to the food. If your knife clashes with another knife, the level resets. But the good news is that you earn Bling Points whether you win or lose. These Bling Points will then be converted to bitcoin, which you can cash out every seven days. Simply enter your Coinbase account in the Redeem tab to claim the bitcoins you earned.

6. Bitcoin Blast

Bitcoin Blast

Bitcoin Blast is another fun and colorful play-to-earn game that generously offer bitcoins to players. The mechanics of this game is pretty simple; you only need to make a chain of at least three bitcoins to clear the board. The longer the chain, the more bonuses and points you earn. It has hundreds of different levels you can play, so it’s unlikely you’ll get bored with this play-to-earn game.

You only need to sign up for a Bling account to get started. You can do this for free when you launch the game for the first time. Then, when you’re ready to cash out your points, go to the Redeem tab and enter your Coinbase email.

7. Bitcoin Solitaire

Bitcoin Solitaire

If you’re a fan of Solitaire, you’ll be delighted to know that you can now earn money while playing it. PlayDay Studios’ Bitcoin Solitaire is like the classic card play-to-earn game but with a few added features. For instance, you get customizable decks and unlimited hints to help you earn points faster.

The game’s goal is to arrange your deck of cards into four stacks in ascending order. The fewer moves you make, and the faster you do so, the more points you earn. Once you get to 1,000 points, you can already cash out your earnings, which you can do through Coinbase.

PlayDay Studios has partnered with the Bling Platform to bring you the essential Solitaire game, including cashouts for free bitcoin! You can also read about What you probably didn’t know about the Axie Infinity Game.

Final Words 

If you’ve got some time to kill, why not give Bitcoin play to earn games a try? They’re straightforward to play, and you get to earn extra income just by playing them. Even though they don’t bring in a lot of bitcoins, whatever you earn from these crypto games can still count towards your Bitcoin investment. Click here to read about What you probably didn’t know about the Axie Infinity Game.