These NFT games will blow your mind
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These NFT games will blow your mind

If you’re looking to play NFT games that will blow your mind and give you that virtual experience, this article will point you in the right direction.

Gold Fever

Gold Fever

Gold Fever is one of the new play-to-earn NFT games that aims to recreate the atmosphere and mechanics of the gold rush via an immersive role-playing experience.

The game is set in a vast jungle brimming with opportunity and peril. Players may possess and exploit sections of the jungle through NFTs. Players may develop plots to earn passive income and amass wealth.

The game contains many player factions, including adventurer, tribal, capitalist, and merchant, each of which will have a unique experience in the world of Gold Fever and will often compete over resources.

The game’s gameplay will include fending off continual assaults from other groups, navigating the game’s large virtual world’s animal and climate issues, performing basic survival activities, and collaborating to explore and maximize the game’s enormous virtual environment.

The gameplay of Gold Fever is based on the NGL token, which players may mine and spend to acquire in-game items. Additionally, it serves as the game’s native governance token, allowing players to affect the game’s progress via voting.

The beta edition of the game was just made available to a restricted group of testers. By Q1 2022, the team anticipates having at least a largely functional game economy, quests, and NFT games infrastructure in place.

Sidus Heroes

Sidus Heroes, one of the most recent additions to our list, is an upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game focused on space exploration and combat. The game boasts a large open world to explore and conquer.

As players go through the game, they will uncover both colonized and uncolonized planets as they explore the many regions of the SIDUS metaverse. Land NFTs on various planets will be made accessible over time and may be purchased using the game’s secondary token, SENATE. This area may be utilized to construct infrastructure, generate revenue, and mine for materials, providing players with a passive income stream. SIDUS tokens are used to pay out in-game prizes.

Sidus Heroes

Players assume the role of NFT games heroes, whose rarity, characteristics, and attractiveness vary. Additionally, the game contains a diverse array of NFTs, such as monsters, raw materials, gear, and land, all of which may be utilized or sold through the in-game marketplace.

Sidus Heroes is growing out to be one of the most feature-complete play-to-earn NFT games, with high-quality visuals, PvE and PvP fighting components, a rich and sophisticated in-game economy, and a player-owned government council, and a diverse range of various game types.

The game is being developed on Ethereum and will make use of one or more yet-to-be-disclosed layer-2 technologies to keep the game affordable and accessible.

Currently, just a rudimentary version of the Sidus Heroes game is available. This covers straightforward elements like as the marketplace, DAO, and leaderboard. Version 1, a more comprehensive version of the game, will contain tournaments, a fleshed-out combat system, and ELO ratings; it is slated to arrive in Q1 2022.

Cosmic Champs

Cosmic Champs

As Algorand’s first play-to-earn game, Cosmic Champs aims to begin the platform’s blockchain gaming ecosystem by allowing the platform’s roughly 10 million players to earn prizes for their in-game efforts and success.

Cosmic Champs is designed to be accessible, using the Algorand blockchain’s speed and efficiency while delivering a fun, mobile-first experience.

The game is largely focused on space exploration and PvP and PvE combat. Players are free to explore the Cosmic Champs world with their avatars (dubbed champs), fighting through a variety of tasks to win prizes and enhance their gear.

In the game, there are four distinct kinds of NFTs:

• Champions: Both regular and NFT games champs are employed in the game’s combat mechanics and may be earned in battle.

• Ships: Used to travel across the Cosmic Champs realm and to play-to-earn arenas (i.e. planets). Ships’ stats and appearances may be improved.

• Planets: These are player-owned properties that are utilized as PvP battlegrounds, with the owners receiving a portion of the spoils after each war.

• Treasure: Throughout the Cosmic Champs world, Cosmic Gold tokens (COSG) and different NFT-backed awards may be unearthed.

Cosmic Champs is unique among earn-to-play NFT games in that it incorporates real-time fights and esports competitions. Additionally, it is unique in that it is being created with a ‘gameplay first’ mentality, ensuring that it is enjoyable to play while remaining rewarding.

As is the case with the majority of P2E NFT games, Cosmic Champs compensates players with its own native utility token – in this instance, Cosmic Gold ($COSG). The Cosmic Champs gameworld and ecosystem use this currency for a multitude of purposes, including staking, NFT games purchases, and community governance.

Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena, one of the few blockchain-based multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) NFT games, is aiming to compete with Dota 2, Smite, and League of Legends by offering an esports title that enables users to join up and compete against other players in order to make a real income from their talents.

As a MOBA, Thetan Arena encourages players to cooperate together to progress via a number of various game types, including Battle Royale, Superstar, and Tower Seige.

The game combines a number of tried-and-true components, such as staking, guilds, in-game pets, and broadcasting, to create what may be the first mass-market play to earn the game.

Players are rewarded for their abilities and coordination with a range of NFTs and THC, which vary according to the outcome of each match and the rarity of the heroes involved (and their skins).

According to the official roadmap, the 42-player battle royale mode will launch in Q1 2022, followed by other game modes like co-op and competitions throughout the rest of 2022.

Untamed Isles

Untamed Isles

Untamed Isles, one of the few blockchain-enabled MMORPGs, is an ambitious venture that has a strong resemblance to the enormously successful Monster Hunter game series.

The game combines gameplay elements like as monster hunting, taming, breeding, combat, and gathering with a turn-based MMORPG to provide a rich, compelling experience for gamers.

Unlike many other play-to-earn NFT games, Untamed Isles offers a social experience, with players forming parties, joining guilds, navigating the open world together, and participating in tasks. Additionally, it has voice chat capability to facilitate player interaction.