• Axie Infinity: Cryptocurrency Trading and Gaming on NFT
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    Axie Infinity: Cryptocurrency Trading and Gaming on NFT

    Recently, Non-fungible tokens, popularly known as NFTs, are widely growing and gaining relevance in the digital world of cryptocurrency. NFT has digitalized and taken over our world of music, art, and video games, and so on.

    Trading can be done in art, music, and video, and you earn cryptocurrency, which can be converted to real money. Axie Infinity is a fast-growing blockchain-based game, a platform where players play games and make money. In the world of NFTS – Axie Infinity is taking over the crypto and gaming industry like wildfire.

    Axie Infinity has actually been in existence since 2018. Still, on May 13, 2021, there was a mind bogging and thrilling excitement in the Philippines via a YouTube video showing Filipinos from Cabanatuan city earning from the games. 

    After the publish was made, many interests flooded in, and it began to gain prevalence in society. The crypto asset keeper called Token Terminal displayed the stupendous Axie Infinity transactional growth from May 2021 to June/July 2021. In 30 days, Axie Infinity has recorded over $1.02billion of trades in the marketplace. Also, Axie Infinity sold over 1.65 million monsters.

    The Hallmark of Axie Infinity  

    The Axie Infinity lets players play either on iPhone, Android, or PC. It’s a game you will battle with real-life or computer-controlled players. There’s also a wide gap between Axie Infinity and conventional games. 

    Also, in Axie Infinity, when you play and battle, you earn a token and can be used to purchase a monster.

    The Axie Infinity is primarily designed to be a play–and–earn game.

    The idea is that, for any player to earn real money, he must play well and make +tokens to breed monsters to convert them to real money. 

    The metaverse of Axie Infinity is configured on digital antique pets called Axies to breed and battle each other to earn.

    Benefits of Cryptocurrency in Axie Infinity

    Globally, many people have joined this gaming and trading platform, primarily because of cryptocurrency opportunities.  The Axie Infinity mechanism operates a blockchain that mints coins.

    The Axie Infinity runs a decentralized financial and flexible ecosystem. Unlike the conventional gaming modules, everyone who joins the platform gets their account and wallet as their access point.  Every user who plays and wins earns crypto into their purse, which they can trade with and convert to real money.

    The incentive to gaming provided by Axie Infinity also drives more interest for users.  There is also the various reason why people play games. Some play to earn more while others play for fun, but more people play to make and trade to boost their financial economy. 

    Axie Infinity allows players to gather, battle, and raise their collections of pets.

    Procedures to Play Axie Infinity

    It is essential to know that any player can gather collectibles of Axies to compete with others to be rewarded through the blockchain mechanism of Axie Infinity. The Axies are creatures who love to battle and quest for treasures! 

    In addition, your chances of winning and earning more cryptocurrency are contingent on knowing how to play the game.  

    Axie Marketplace is where you get your three Axies at the cost of $200, or .06Weth (wrapped Ethereum) to compete and battle in Axie Infinity.  In the generality of the focus or idea of the NFT is that you will build collections of pets that will fight with the monster Axies and conquer. 

    Step By Step 

    1. Firstly you will need an Ethereum wallet. That  can quickly be done  both on laptops or phones
    1. The registration also requires you to open a Ronin wallet on the blockchain. Meanwhile, the network is used for storing assets like cryptocurrency tokens. You can read about A Complete Guide to Understanding Axie Infinity Guild by visiting http://thedarksmithlegacy.com/a-complete-guide-to-understanding-axie-infinity-guild/
    1. The next is to open an account with Axie Infinity. In creating the account, you will need to log in with  Ronin Wallet at Axie Marketplace
    2. An email and password are essential to link to the account to complete the process.
    3. After you are done with the registration, you can now purchase your first 3 Axies  to begin the journey of gaming
    4. Axies Infinity video games can be downloaded to any device from the official site of Axie Infinity.

    Axie Infinity has Nine Varieties

    The varieties can also be called characters or classes. All these items are essential in making your gaming experience enjoyable. Here are the nine classes

    • Beast
    • Mech
    • Bug 
    • Dawn
    • Plant
    • Aqua
    • Reptile
    • Dusk
    • Bird

    it is crucial to know that all these classes are for combat. Meanwhile, some classes are weak, while others are stronger than others. The nine classes are divided into two. 

    In addition, six out of the nine are primary classes, while the rest are private classes. Also, the type determines the base stats in Axie Infinity.

    Axie Body Components

    Axie is made up of six body components. In battle, Axie determines which card to be used through these body components. Furthermore, all the body components are actively reacting differently to battle challenges.

    Body components are:

    • Tail
    • Back
    • Ears
    • Eyes
    • Horn
    • Mouth

    In addition, Axies generate abilities from the body parts. Somebody components can be defensive, while some are offensive in battle.

    The battle Axies show four different skills that grant players increase and benefits. The list is below,  

    • Health
    • Speed
    • Skill
    • Morale
    • Beast – 3 Morale + 1 Speeds
    • Aqua – 3 Speed + 1HP
    • Bug – 3 Morale + 1HP 
    • Reptile – 3HP + 1 Speed
    • Plant – 3 Speed + 1 Morale
    • Bird – 3 Morale + 1 Speed


    There is much more information that will help you know and easily understand when it comes to playing, trading, and earning from Axie Infinity. Still, I hope this article will quickly guide you through the steps in making money and clear any confusion about Axie Infinity. Good luck.   

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  • A Complete Guide to Understanding Axie Infinity Guild
    Axie Infinity Guild

    A Complete Guide to Understanding Axie Infinity Guild

    Axie Infinity is one of the newest play-to-earn games taking the gaming world by the storm. Since the game allows players to convert their in-game earnings to cash, everyone, both young and old, wants to participate in the game. 

    As more people show interest in becoming part of the game community, different settings, many of which are not organized by the developers, begin to spring up on the internet. One of the primary objectives of these platforms is to create an online community where Axie Infinity players can interact without the constraints of location and time. One of the most recognized amongst these platforms is Axie Infinity Guild

    What is Axie Infinity Guild?

    Axie Infinity guild is a community of individuals who team together to help players maximize the profits they can earn from the NFT digital pets called Axies they own. in order words, it is a platform that allows players of different levels of experience to interact to gain more knowledge on how to play the game and how to make more profits with their Axies. An Axie is a Pokemon-like creature you send to battle. 

    Axie Infinity Guild CGU Helps Axie Players With Scholarships

    Summarily put, Axie Infinity Guild consists of two major divisions: the managers that buy, breed, and control the Axie and the scholars who come to either rent or loan those creatures for ready players to explore the game.

    To make more profits in Axie Infinity, you must win several in-game battles and complete many other complex tasks to earn Smooth Love Potion (SLP) tokens. These tokens have a real value that you can convert to cash. However, you can spend them on breeding Axies for more profits. When you breed a monster, you create a new Axie. An Axie, as an NFT, has its real value both in the video game and in the real-life open market. 

    How about scholarships?

    Another important reason for creating Axie Infinity Guild is to offer scholarships to players who lack the resources to buy the three starter Axies they would need to start playing the game.

    Scholars are aspiring players who do not own an Axie to play the game. So, instead of folding arms while the opportunity to make money passes them by, they rent Axies from managers in the guild to play the game. In return for the favor, scholars will have to pay managers a certain agreed amount when he starts to make profits with the Axies. 

    What Are Axie Infinity Scholarships? {Best free Alternatives}

    In this scholarship concept, both parties win. Then scholar starts to play the game without investing money to buy his first team of Axies while managers sit down and relax, bearing in mind that their Axies are yielding profits.

    Axie infinity guild can frequently offer some other unique benefits to the players participating in Axie Infinity for the first time. The guild can also guide players on utilizing their skills to make more money. In a nutshell, the Axie infinity guild is all about giving support, directions, and making new friends in the game community.

    Axie infinity uses cryptocurrency. Hence, a scholar can earn a good amount of SLP tokens to purchase their Axies and choose to continue playing the game or move to become manager and start to lend out the Axies within the guild.

    Summary of the Axie Infinity guild membership

    • Scholar:  An individual who creates time to play the game actively.
    • Manager: The person who manages the scholar
    • Owner: An individual who bought a digital pet called Axie. An owner can also become a manager, and in some cases, it might be two different functions performed by two separate individuals.
    • Guild: This refers to a community consisting of scholars, owners, and managers. This community usually has specific rules and regulations in the form of a written constitution guiding the policy if play and split of profits.

    How do guilds split SLP tokens with scholars in Axie Infinity?

    Now that you have discovered how profitable it could be for you as a player to be of the Axie infinity guild, your next question should be, how much split can you get as a scholar? Well, the split differs from one guild to another. However, on a general note, two to five entities are always involved in sharing the splits. They are:

    • Scholar
    • Manager 
    • Owner
    • Guild
    • Community 

    Typically, scholars can expect about 60% – 70% of the share. They are active determiners of the income as how many tokens will be earned depends on their skills, strategies, and time commitment. Some guilds may take a huge cut and then split it between members, with owners taking a larger share.

    Guild can pay scholars in three primary ways. Scholars will get their percentage share from the token earned after a rental period lapses in these three ways. Depending on the written rules and regulations of the guild, scholars can get their percentages immediately or wait till a set date. Some guilds can even put scholars on a monthly payroll. The three different ways scholars can get paid includes:

    • Guild can transfer SLP directly to the scholar’s wallet.
    • Guild can transfer Ethereum (ETH) to the scholar’s wallet in the equivalent amount of the earned SLP.
    • Guild can transfer local currency to the scholar’s bank account in the equivalent amount of the earned token.

    It is the scholar’s responsibility to choose the preferred means of payment based on convenience. Meanwhi8le, in the practices of some guilds, the admin tends to propose their preferred means of payment. In this situation, the guild would have included their traditional mode of payment in the constitution given to scholars at the time of registration. 

    Axie Infinity – The Future of Blockchain Gaming – Inside Crypto Today

    Whichever the case may be, the bottom line is that you can get every of your earned token as a scholar in a guild. And, it doesn’t have to take time before you convert your token to cash in your pocket. Click here to read about Axie Infinity: Cryptocurrency Trading and Gaming on NFT.

    Final Words 

    Registering with an Axie Infinity guild is an excellent way to make more money playing the game. You will also enjoy many benefits, which include learning how to play the game, getting connected with veteran players for support, having a full opportunity to become a manager within a short time. Indeed, you should join a reputable Axie Infinity guild to double up your chances of amassing a fortune through the game.

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